The callout has started!

The first flyers asking about your interest to join this research were sent snail mail to 14-19year old members of the MDWA (Sept), SMAAA, MDSA (Oct) and FSHD Global (Nov 2014).

Thanks to Piper (MDWA), Jo (SMAAA), Amber (MDASA) and Hoda (MDASA) and Rania (FSHD Global) for giving teenagers an opportunity to become part of this research.

You will be able to connect with teens across Australia and New Zealand who may have similar experiences.

You will also be able to share your VOICE on your health, and help a whole bunch of people understand your point of view of LIFE.

We’d like to thank all teenagers who give the questionnaire a go with an iTunes or JB HiFi gift voucher.

If you are interested, let Piper, Amber, Hoda or Jo know, or e-mail us on .

You don’t need to do the questionnaire straight away – we’ll make a time that’s best for you, outside of tests & exams, so there’s no pressure.

If you are not too keen to take part at this point in time, that’s ok. If you provide your name on your reply slip, this means we won’t contact you again.