Who is helping with this research:


Young people living with NMD and their families have inspired this research. Share some of their many achievements on the pages “It’s ok to talk”.

Many people have contributed to the development and are helping to run this research, including young adults and their families, staff and volunteers at the patient organisations, clinicians at the hospitals and service providers, Ethics reviewers, grant administrators, colleagues, scientists, researchers and community members with many other skills.


The Muscular Dystrophy Association of Western Australia is helping to fund this research through the Harold and Sylvia Rowell PhD Scholarship. The University of Notre Dame Australia Collaborative Research Network funding is also helping out.

Can you help?

Via this site there are links for teens, young adults, to patient organisations, experts and trial registries. If you would like a link for teens with NMD to be added, please let us know: mylifemyvoice@nd.edu.au.

Sincere thanks to everyone! A phenomenal team effort!!!

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