The Questionnaire & the ICF:

The “My LIFE, My Voice” Adolescent and Family Questionnaire (AFQ) was designed with lots of help from many people, including young adults with NMD, parents, clinicians and experts.

It asks questions about health and wellbeing.

The questions have been specifically chosen to reflect how we think about health and wellbeing within the framework of the International Classification of Functioning (ICF). The ICF was designed by people with disabilities, clinicians and researchers to help guide how we think about, assess and manage health conditions.

The ICF helps us to think about how day to day ACTIVITIES (like walking or coughing) and PARTICIPATION in every day life (like playing a sport, going to school or being with mates) can be influenced by a health condition which affects our body’s systems in many different ways (like strength of muscles, bony shape, digestion or feelings of pain). The ICF helps us to think about how ACTIVITIES and PARTICIPATION are individual to every person within their personal and environmental context.

The basic picture of the ICF looks like this:


Click on image for source of this ICF picture

When we think about what things may be important to consider if you are a wheelchair user living with NMD, the ICF can look something like this: ICF in NMD

A summary of the question titles for each ‘box’ of the ICF, and how we’ve written and chosen them, can be found here: Summary of AFQ outcome measures Dec2014.